Our Approach

Board Chairs Academy is designed to serve the entire nonprofit sector. We encourage participating organizations to invite up to ten staff or volunteers who are interested in discussing key concepts and issues associated with a strategic nonprofit board of directors and cause-based governance to serve the community.

We are also proud to welcome participants who make Board Chairs Academy a standing element of their board orientation and leadership development programs. Download our sample Board Retreat Guide.

Our nonprofit board Learning Labs modules, discussions, and tools are based on the following principles:

  • Strategic governance comes from boards that are rooted in advancing community causes.
  • Effective governance is focused on sustainability, resilience, and impact.
  • Visible governance comes from an advocacy responsibility that builds community equity for the cause.
  • Prudent governance is aggressive about building both financial and human capital to advance a cause.
  • Successful governance is committed to a continuity of future leadership and succession planning.

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Our Clients

Third Sector Company has proudly served over 700 nonprofit organizations throughout the United States since opening its doors in 2002 through Interim Management, Training, Executive Mentoring or Consultation. Here is just a small sample of the breadth of great causes that we are proud to call our Board Chairs Academy clients.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with other executive leadership providers to model the collaboration of ideas and practice in the nonprofit sector. One such partnership with the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE) brings together the best of each organization to advocate for excellence in board governance education.

Our Story

Third Sector Company is about community. It always has been. In 2002, a community of about 40 nonprofit executives from leading organizations, both large and small, from throughout the Greater Los Angeles area gathered to talk about the growing amount of turnover occurring amongst their peers. At the same time, the funding community was realizing the nonprofit sector was ill-prepared for executive transitions complicated by few nonprofit organizations having directed activities aimed at succession planning, executive retention, and talent pipelines cultivating future staff and board leaders.

Founding Professional Community in 2002
Founding Professional Community in 2002

With a mission statement of “leadership continuity for the nonprofit sector,” the group formed a professional community, under the leadership of Jeffrey R. Wilcox, President & Chief Engagement Officer. Now serving four regions of the Western United States and Canada and having helped over 500 nonprofits in two nations, Third Sector Company stands committed to further evolve its founding principals in unique and impactful ways that lift the nonprofit sector to higher ground in its service to others.

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