Board Chairs Academy is a six-part online learning and virtual community experience to help a nonprofit board of directors to excel at providing strategic governance to their favorite causes.

Celebrating the diversity of volunteer leaders who strengthen communities, the Academy welcomes people who serve on boards of charitable organizations, associations and congregations to understand and apply the principles of community movements and generative governance, methods for developing boards and inviting deeper board engagement, and emerging responsibilities in a new era of community service.

BADGE Board Chairs Academy

Since 2006 Third Sector Company has invited organizations to a cohort learning environment to consider their commitment to critical issues in the nonprofit sector and preparing the next generation for board leadership while enhancing the relationship between board members and its executive management.

The Board Chairs Academy's comprehensive approach to a strategic nonprofit board of directors has helped over 400 nonprofits in the United States and Canada. It was created by nonprofit leaders to provide the necessary tools and knowledge for incoming and promising board chairs to succeed.

The Board Chairs Academy Experience

Board Chairs Academy is designed to ensure participants receive access to best practices in nonprofit strategic board governance developed by Third Sector Company since 2006, which includes:

  • Combining the first-hand experience of trainers and participants with outstanding authors, research findings, and other published works by leading institutions such as BoardSource .
  • Multiple opportunities to participate in a community of peers that connects leaders of boards to the professional community of Third Sector Company for information-sharing, counsel, and support.
  • Prescribed action steps and support programs to methodically evolve boards and board members to advance their nonprofit organizations, associations, and congregations through deliberate and defined acts of stewardship.
  • Organizational registration also includes a menu of discounted online, on-demand, and in-person services to further support nonprofit boards through board training modules, board retreat facilitation, or consultation.
  • 150 pages of resource materials for each participant, access to six Board Chairs Academy Roundtables for additional discussions with other Academy participants, and access to a private LinkedIn Group.

"Simply put, this training was the best I have experienced in my years as a nonprofit leader. Board members participate with you – this is key! The Board Chairs Academy draws them in in ways we can’t as Executive Directors and there is dedicated session time to discuss and plan. The six-part series, over six months, means sustained learning which is way better than the ‘one-shot' seminars we are used to attending."

Paul Knox, Former CEO, United Way of Thurston County
Olympia, Washington

"Each session of the Board Chairs Academy has been thought provoking, challenging and constructive. I applaud Third Sector for their quick and innovative adaptation during the Covid-19 pandemic that retained so much of the valuable interaction and real-time application of understanding. I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to take up the challenge of becoming a truly strategic Board."

Sara Price, Board Member, Okiocredit US
Seattle, Washington

Board Chairs Academy Sessions

Six Progressive Topics and 21 Hours of Cohort Learning
Essential to Effective Board and Community Leadership of Your Nonprofit Organization

Governance as Stewardship: Demonstrating the Art of Purpose-Driven Board Leadership

The first session explores the attributes of governance as it relates specifically to the nonprofit business model. Participants are challenged...

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Board Development: Advancing a Board to Its Full Potential to Mobilize a Community Movement and Cause

Governing an evolving organization requires an evolving board of directors. This session will provide an overview of how to develop a dynamic board...

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The Board & Executive Relationship: Leveraging the Roles of Governance and Management to Create Community Impact

The relationship that a board has with its chief executive officer sets the tone for understanding the dynamic between governance and management in a nonprofit organization...

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Leadership Succession Planning: Assuring a Continuity of Leadership to Advance Your Cause

Assuring a continuity of leadership is one of the most important forms of resource development for a sustainable future. This session offers...

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Resource Development: Building Community Equity for Sustainable Community Impact

Sustainable resource development is the product of a fundraising culture. This session challenges participants to analyze their current fundraising cultures...

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Cultivating the Effective Board: Facilitating a Culture of Evolution and Innovation

Board Chairs Academy culminates with a discussion about the attributes of a strategic organization, which is the result of strategic governance in action...

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Help Your Board Leaders To Advance Your Cause

No nonprofit board learning program on the market can match the intensity, comprehensiveness, materials, incremental learning processes, and outcomes of Board Chairs Academy.