Since 2006, Third Sector Company has offered the highly acclaimed Board Chairs Academy based on the philosophical viewpoint that “Governance as Stewardship” is the most accurate depiction of board obligations essential to advancing community causes.

Beginning in 2024, the Academy has been modified to welcome participants to take part in one or more board Learning Labs offered by the Academy as well as access customized board training programs and consultations.

View and Download the Fact Sheet for more details and features, including consultation resources and direct presentations to your board.

The interactive Learning Labs are for nonprofit boards of directors, volunteer leaders, and executive directors of organizations, associations, and congregations to work together to develop and implement strategic, purpose-based governance.

Each Learning Lab offers content delivery, a featured guest board speaker, and group discussion.


Board Academy Learning Clinic

Online - Friday, July 12

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PT 

Complimentary Introduction to Board Chairs Academy

Online - Friday, August 23

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PT 

Participants have the option of registering for all or any combination of the 2024 Learning Labs.


Governance as Stewardship: The Art of Governing a Community Cause

Online - Friday, March 8

8:00 AM - 10:30 AM PT 


The ABCs of Developing a Nonprofit Board: Evolving a Board to Its Potential

Online - Friday, April 5

8:00 AM - 10:30 AM PT 


Board & Executive Relationship: A Leveraged Partnership in Service to Others

Online - Friday, May 3

8:00 AM - 10:30 AM PT 

Our Commitment to Equity

Since we do not want financial hardship to be a barrier to participation, there are several seats reserved in each of our fee-based programs for confidentially-awarded scholarships. Contact Tom Lang at [email protected] for more information.

Since 2006 Third Sector Company has invited organizations into an interactive learning environment to consider their commitment to critical issues in the nonprofit sector and prepare the next generation for board leadership while enhancing the relationship between board members and its executive management.

Board Chairs Academy is based on the philosophical viewpoint that “Governance as Stewardship” is the most accurate depiction of board obligations essential to advancing community causes. Beginning in 2024, the Academy has been modified to welcome our customers to take part in one or more Learning Labs offered through the Academy, as well as access customized board training programs and consultations.


The Board Chairs Academy Experience

Board Chairs Academy is designed to ensure participants receive access to best practices in nonprofit strategic board governance developed by Third Sector Company since 2006, which includes:

  • Combining the first-hand experience of trainers and participants with outstanding authors, research findings, and other published works by leading institutions such as BoardSource .
  • Multiple opportunities to participate in a community of peers that connects leaders of boards to the professional community of Third Sector Company for information-sharing, counsel, and support.
  • Prescribed action steps and support programs to methodically evolve boards and board members to advance their nonprofit organizations, associations, and congregations through deliberate and defined acts of stewardship.

"Simply put, this training was the best I have experienced in my years as a nonprofit leader. Board members participate with you – this is key! The Board Chairs Academy draws them in in ways we can’t as Executive Directors and there is dedicated session time to discuss and plan. The six-part series, over six months, means sustained learning which is way better than the ‘one-shot' seminars we are used to attending."

Paul Knox, Former CEO, United Way of Thurston County
Olympia, Washington

"Each session of the Board Chairs Academy has been thought provoking, challenging and constructive. I applaud Third Sector for their quick and innovative adaptation during the Covid-19 pandemic that retained so much of the valuable interaction and real-time application of understanding. I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to take up the challenge of becoming a truly strategic Board."

Sara Price, Board Member, Okiocredit US
Seattle, Washington

Help Your Board Leaders To Advance Your Cause

No nonprofit board learning program on the market can match the intensity, comprehensiveness, materials, incremental learning processes, and outcomes of Board Chairs Academy.