September 2019 - February 2020

Tacoma Board Chairs Academy

Time: Wednesdays, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Goodwill Milgard Work Opportunity Center
714 S 27th St, Tacoma, WA 98409


Session #1 
September 18 - Board Governance: Practicing the Art of Nonprofit Leadership.

Session #2
October 16 - Board Development: Evolving a Board to Its Potential.

Session #3
November 13 - Resource Development: Building Community Equity for Sustainable Community Impact.

Session #4
December 18 - Leadership Succession Planning: Assuring a Continuity of Leadership to Advance the Cause.

Session #5
January 15 - Board & Executive Relations: Leveraging a Partnership for Community Results.

Session #6
February 12 - The Strategic Board: Fostering Innovation to Advance the Cause.

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For New Customers For Returning Customers
Up to Three Representatives at Each Session $2100 $1800
Up to Six Representatives at Each Session $2500 $2100
Individual Sessions per Individual $180 $150

Time Payments and Part-Pay Scholarships are available to assure accessibility. Please contact us to let us know your interest.

The Board Chairs Academy experience is designed to ensure participants receive access to best practices in nonprofit strategic board governance developed by Third Sector Company since 2006, which includes:

  • Combining the first-hand experience of trainers and participants with outstanding authors, research findings, and other published works by leading institutions such as BoardSource.
  • Multiple opportunities to participate in a community of peers that connects leaders of boards to the professional community of Third Sector Company for information-sharing, counsel, and support.
  • Prescribed action steps and support programs to methodically evolve boards and board members to advance their nonprofit organizations, associations, and congregations through deliberate and defined acts of stewardship.
  • Nine experiences to support diverse learning styles and to be available at different times in the cycle of board governance like online discussion groups, on-site board consultation, and professional coaching.

To see more about the Board Chairs Academy Experience view the Fact Sheet.