January - June 2020

Seattle Board Chairs Academy

Time: Thursdays, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Pacific Tower - Panoramic Center
1200 12th Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98144



Session #1 
January 23 - Board Governance: Practicing the Art of Nonprofit Leadership

Session #2
February 20 - Board Development: Evolving a Board to Its Potential

Session #3 (Webinar)
March 19 - Leadership Succession Planning: Assuring a Continuity of Leadership to Advance the Cause

Session #4 (Webinar)
April 9 - Resource Development: Building Community Equity for Sustainable Community Impact

Session #5
May 7 - Board & Executive Relations: Leveraging a Partnership for Community Results

Session #6
June 4 - The Strategic Board: Fostering Innovation to Advance the Cause

View the Fact Sheet to learn more detail about each session. Please note some event times are subject to change due to COVID-19 precautions.


For New Customers For Returning Customers
Up to Three Representatives at Each Session $2400 $2100
Up to Six Representatives at Each Session $2900 $2500
Individual Sessions per Individual $180 $150

The Board Chairs Academy experience is designed to ensure participants receive access to best practices in nonprofit strategic board governance developed by Third Sector Company since 2006, which includes:

  • Combining the first-hand experience of trainers and participants with outstanding authors, research findings, and other published works by leading institutions such as BoardSource.
  • Multiple opportunities to participate in a community of peers that connects leaders of boards to the professional community of Third Sector Company for information-sharing, counsel, and support.
  • Prescribed action steps and support programs to methodically evolve boards and board members to advance their nonprofit organizations, associations, and congregations through deliberate and defined acts of stewardship.
  • Nine experiences to support diverse learning styles and to be available at different times in the cycle of board governance like online discussion groups, on-site board consultation, and professional coaching.

To see more about the Board Chairs Academy Experience view the Fact Sheet.